Franky Bartol, aka François Bartolino, has so far released 3 issues of BIJOU MAGAZINE.

A quite discreet figure in the world of comic-books, Franky firstly had a couple short stories featured
in French weekly zine Chez Jérôme Comix in the early 2000s, then made a few guest appearances on
a somewhat eerie collective blog a few years later.

He has since proved one of the most unobtrusive authors at French indie comics publisher
MISMA editions, where in spite of several short stories featured in Dopututto Max magazine
(one of which even made the front cover), a full comics, and even an animated teaser, no-one can
actually say that they have ever met him in person.

The circumstances which nonetheless led Franky Bartol to direct two noticeable promo shorts
for [adult swim] in 2016 and 2017 still remain mysterious to this very day.